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The Chaney Microlearning Center

The Chaney Microlearning Center is a residential home renovated to provide a cost effective space for programs ranging from tutoring to expungements.  It is also ECMLC's pilot property.

The "Chaney Center" is named after Mr. Carlton Chaney, a pillar of the Indianapolis community. Though he arrived to the city in the early 1940s with only a 6th grade education, he eventually amassed more than 20 rental properties. Determined to instill the same discipline and tenacity in the next generation, in 1975 Mr. Chaney founded the Edwin Carlton Chaney Singers (ECCS), a Gospel community choir of children and teens. Many of the Edwin Carlton Chaney Singers are now community leaders throughout the city of Indianapolis and beyond. His service and leadership have made a lasting impact in a community in which the median household income is barely above the national poverty line, and children are close to three times more likely to drop out of high school compared to surrounding communities.

The Carlton Chaney Micro-Community Center will embody this same spirit by engaging families and children through music, literacy, mathematics and mentorship.

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